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Is it okay to write a story about dead(ish) lesbians?

Okay, so before I start, I should mention that I'm NOT a lesbian, so this isn't really my area of knowledge. ( I am bicurious, though. )

I'm writing a fiction story about two women who are married until one of them goes missing in a tragic accident. She is only PRESUMED to be dead, but later it's revealed that she's alive and they reunite ( there's lots more plot stuff, but that's not important ).

Is this okay, or does it play too much into the dead lesbian trope? Is this insensitive, even if they do live happily ever after? I really want to write this story ( I swear it sounds cooler in my head ) but I don't want it to be offensive. Please help!

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    First of all, thank you for asking on Yahoo Answers. I'm not a lesbian but I am bisexual, and I understand where you're coming from.

    It is okay to write a story about a lesbian who is presumed dead even though she is actually alive. The "Bury your gays" trope is when a gay character is introduced and then killed off in the story, but your lesbian character who 'died' is not actually dead.

    If the story starts when the tragic accident happens and then they reunite, then I don't consider that to go along with the bury your gays trope. 

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    How would it be 'offensive'  or more 'insensitive' to write about the death of a lesbian spouse than about that of a non-lesbian spouse? People are people first, and lesbians second.

    You're making FAR too much of this. Just write your story!

    And I have never heard of such a thing as 'the dead lesbian trope'.

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    Why do you call it a "dead lesbian trope"? Why stress the lesbian angle?  They are lovers.  Spouses.  One spouse dies. The other grieves and faces life without her.  To me, that's a "dead lover / grieving lover trope".  A "carrying on though grieving trope".

    Treat them as a married couple who are incidentally of the same gender. The offensive behaviour comes from the people who think they are bad.

  • I was not aware that there was a dead lesbian trope. Generally speaking the plot sounds trite, but it would still be more than possible to makes something out of it.

    But why lesbians? If it's random and you have no attachment, it seems like a bad idea. 

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    If you make all the characters whole people,  not just simply "those lesbians," you should be fine.

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    sounds very smart and cool to not mention the men.

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