Why is AT&T dropping me out of yahoo email,  something do do with not supporting my 3801 modem anymore? Why the changes, more money?

AT&T Yahoo mail signs me out even when I click on "keep me in for 2 weeks," I see my email address so I click continue and the web address bar says I'm being logged out and the sign in screen opens up again but not with my email address. I have to sign in again and click again on "keep me in for 2 weeks." I'm logged in, I check my mail, stop to answer the door or check my oven timer or get a glass of water or go to the bathroom (just a few minutes) and when I come back I'm kicked out of my Yahoo email account. Happens in all browsers; Brave, Safari, Opera and Firefox.Do I need to get a different modem, do I have to up grade my speed, do I have to buy McAfee/subscription, start paying more for support because AT&T won't support my modem? What the heck?

1 Answer

  • Sharon
    Lv 7
    5 months ago

    There is a glitch causing people to be signed out. If you aren't deleting cookies in your browser there is nothing you can do until they fix it.

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