I have a really great job, I love it, but there's the boss problem. How to deal with a boss that dosen't like you?

Quitting is not an option! I love my job that much!

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  • 1 month ago

    Well your going to get a lesson in patience , maybe humility , aggression , and basically you MAY and hopefully may not experience any of the crap I mentioned above . But you most likely will one or more of these . But if your that happy , and I do know how that feels too . Your may need to do nothing hopefully they really don't dislike you , and it's miscommunication . But you may have to learn to kill them kindness , and just suck it up IF NEGATIVE THINGS START HAPPENING , and at no time am I saying that they will . But these are only some of the crap you may see , and experience. If that person really does not like you . They can make work life hell . I'm not trying to piss on your Wheaties , and I'm not trying to some useless , and negative storm cloud , and I'm surely not trying to be that one A hole guy who is a complete buzz kill . I'm not that guy  . But the work environment CAN BE . I'm just saying if that person truly dislikes you . Things can get bumpy , and even uncomfortable . I've been there , and experienced it . Just be mindful , and if things start getting weird , and or things for you change overnight. START DOCUMENTING EVERYTHING THAT HAPPENS it may be of help in the future or it may not My suggestion is if you can talk to them in a friendly , receptive kind of way and see if it's true , and or real . I don't know the full scope of what's happening . Hopefully none of what I described happens , not saying it will even . Just be the best, reasonable professional you can be when your at work . 

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  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Kill him in his sleep and make sure it looks like an accident.

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