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If I were to change my name legally...can I request for a name change on college degree?

I am thinking about changing my name, however, that won't happen until I finish college and earn my degree. And I am afraid that once I change my name, my old name is going to be on a degree thing and on other important things. Will I be able to change and ask college to re-print my degree with my new name?

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  • MS
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    5 months ago
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    I have a former student in this exact situation.  His transcript contains all names that he used, including his new one.  He was able to PAY for a new diploma with his new name only.  This may certainly vary by school. 

  • Nancy
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    5 months ago

    Most schools allow for you to change your name on your degree and on your transcripts upon providing proof of official name change, but know that they almost always do so by adding the name, meaning your prior name will also appear. I say this because you specifically mention that you're afraid your old name will appear, which it probably will, but so too will your new name.

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