I am obsessed on Coronavirus as I feel everywhere I touch is contaminated. Where can I find how I can prevent catching it when at work or...?

I work so am around 27 other people all day and I am the only one wearing a mask. The boss does not require it which I don't get. I do wear one but see it does not protect me, just others.

So how do I make sure I don't get it when I must go to work, the grocery store, and now that church is open will be going there per my religious beliefs? I will not be going anywhere else. My brother gets married June 27th in a small ceremony so I want to make sure I am not sick and can go to that. During Swine Flu my aunt had to miss her brother's wedding due to having Swine Flu in middle of the summer. This is what gave me this fear.

So how can I make sure I don't catch it when at work or the other places I named? I am single and live alone. I have been cleaning my apartment and it is safe since only I have been in here but I fear when taking the trash out that I will catch something. I have to stay healthy until July 1st and then I won't care anymore other then normal precautions like a normal person (still hope not to catch it obviously).

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  • Janet
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    2 months ago
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    You know what precautions to take, and that is the best you can do.

    It makes no sense to fret over things you CAN control (and the precautions are things you can control), and it makes no sense to fret over things you CANNOT control (which is whether or not the precautions do what they are supposed to do).

    Do what you can, but avoid making yourself miserable over things that are not changed by your misery.

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  • ron h
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    1 week ago

    one thing you mentioned it church.  Sit at the back and GTFO asap. 

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