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My Manx cat does a weird thing when I pet her, she drools. She only does this when she is being petted. Anyone else seen this behavior?

 It's kind of gross but I can't really do much about it.  I have had a lot of cats but this Manx cat is a real oddball cat, a bit like a dog, I adopted her as a 1 yr old two years ago. It took a month before she would even come out from hiding and now she is like my shadow, she follows me around like a dog. Very muscular cat and having no tail doesn't seem to affect her agility one bit. She is an indoor cat only but has no fear of dogs, she took to my Chihuahua right away and lies with her. 

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  • 5 months ago

    I once had a black cat that did that, but only when I scratched her back, that butt went in the air & drool would actually drip onto the floor.

  • 5 months ago

    Lots of cats do that. It’s often a sign that they were separated from their mothers far too early, but not always. 

    Some of the cats we’ve kept only started doing it as they got older, some only did it after having bad teeth extracted, and some just did it from the outset, even if they’d spent the first 12-13 weeks with their mum.

    The drooliest cats seem to be the ones with the strongest urge to knead their paws when they’re happy and purring. When in that mood they’re simulating suckling at their mother’s teat. Cats on woollen (or wool-like) surfaces and towelling are most likely to do that and will then often drool excessively until the fabric is soaking wet.

    It’s a hard habit to try and break as it’s fundamentally hard-wired into the cat brain. But you can try: stroke the cat gently without overstimulating it and when it starts to drool stop stroking and move away from the cat (or set it down at a distance from you). If that works it’s a definite win: but I usually find that it is partially successful at least.

  • 5 months ago

    We had one like that too. In fact she was known as "Dribbles" by the shelter we got her from because she did it when excited by someone coming to see her or the arrival of dinner etc..  She was fine, nothing wrong with her mouth, teeth, gums, tongue etc, it was just something she did.  If yours has just started doing this it might be worth having her mouth checked, but otherwise it's just the way she is.

  • 5 months ago

    It could be poor dental hygiene, bad diet, a tongue issue, gum issue, over all mouth issue, any number of things. But sometimes, cats just drool, especially when excited or stimulated. My cat drools, too. Took him to the vet, nothing wrong at all.

    It would be worth a look from a vet, just in case. Does your cat have really bad breath? Trouble eating at all? Seems to be licking its mouth way too much? Take a few days before the vet appointment and really look at her and how she’s eating and at her mouth. Could be nothing.

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  • Kenny
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    5 months ago

    We had a calico that did that .  We took her to our vet and she said it was usually caused by bad teeth but our cat's teeth were good . We never did find a good answer .  Good luck . Maybe  you will .

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