USPS Package lost?

Ok. I know that the Covid-19 is still going strong, but this is just ridiculous. I purchased something May 10th 2020 from ebay. It's coming from WA (west coast US) going to Puerto Rico via Parcel Select (Ground). In May 18th, it arrived at Jacksonville, which from there goes on a boat or ship that gets to PR. The thing is that since May 18th it's been going back and forth at the same facility. The expected delivery date was May 27th. Last time it was scanned was May 25th, and was that arrived again at Jacksonville. I already called USPS and opened an inquiry, and been told to wait :( Is my package lost? Has anyone experienced something like this before?? 

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  • 1 month ago

    Deliveries are delayed all over these days. I ordered something from Houston to Denver on April 2 when it was shipped. It arrived 25 days later with no additional updates in tracking. You've done what you can to find the status of your package. Just give it more time.

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  • 1 month ago

    Tracking NEVER has been 100% Accurate and has never attempted to trace your item inch by inch on its way to you.

    Maybe you are aware there have been some recent weather issues. HINT SHIP CAN TURN AROUND.

    Your parcel is DELAYED you have an ESTIMATED GUESS at when it will arrive.

    That is all you get . A GUESS at the ESTIMATED most likely Delivery date.

    The information you have says your item has been loaded onto transport and is moving to the next sorting place.

    Did it take a direct route to you NO. It was diverted. Get over it.Storms happen that delay the magic get past any weather ships used by Postal/Shipping services.

    They have been sending millions of packages per month. Doubtful yours is lost.

    The system is not perfect, never was and has never claimed to be.

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