This is my first time watching rick and monty and I want to know what up with the family do they have problems with rick?

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  • 1 month ago

    Rick is an ***hole. He often goes on unprovoked pompous lectures with Morty and treats Summer and the other family members really rudely\disdainfully.


    Just take the episode the other week "Vat Of Acid" where he revels in telling Morty he killed lots of alternate Morty's after Rick killed one Morty just to demonstrate it. That's hypocrisy in my book.


    Jerry thinks Rick acts arrogantly and ignores other people, which Rick does, but Jerry is both unitelligent and a loser.

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  • 1 month ago

    The family's mother, Beth, (Rick's daughter) has abandonment issues because Rick was never there for her when she was growing up.  So despite Rick's MANY and OBVIOUS personality defects, she insists on keeping him around.

    The family's father, Jerry, (Rick's son-in-law) is stupid and is the constant butt of Rick's abuse and jokes.  He dislikes Rick a lot, but is spineless in addition to being stupid and so tolerates him for his wife.

    The girl, Summer, (Rick's granddaughter) seems to take after her mother and has sort of a love/hate thing with Rick that seems to fluctuate with the needs of the plot. 

    The boy, Morty, (Rick's grandson) actually seems to take after Jerry and is a bit of an imbecile and spineless.  But unlike his father, every once in awhile, you see some intelligence and backbone.  But he definitely is pretty favorable to Rick what with having the opportunity to go on adventures with him regularly.

    But bear in mind, Rick is a repugnant human being.  He's arrogant, reckless with other people's lives, insensitive as hell, and belches...CONSTANTLY.  If Rick were real, you'd hate him too.  He's kind of a jack@$$ if you actually pay attention to his actions.

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