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house cleaning?

Hi so i am thinking of housecleaning this summer for money. when i post that i will clean your house what should i say i will clean i can't really think of to many things. for example i will say " i will clean your kitchen ( counters and dishes), vacuum, mop, sweep and wash windows. can you give me some more ideas ? i will have to be comfortable doing these things. all help will be appreciated thanks


thanks since i can't drive i am actually thinking of just working in my area so my parents can drop me off or even walk. i live near a residential school so most of the people i would be working for are 30-60 years old. they just might not want to have to clean their house or might not have time for it

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  • Anonymous
    4 months ago

    I would list what you are willing and able to do.  You are aware that you need liability insurance, right?  Something gets damaged or broken and YOU are responsible.

  • Anonymous
    5 months ago

    Usually you state 'General Cleaning' which includes

    Living Area Floor (Vacuum, Mop), dusting shelves

    Kitchen (floor, counter, dishes, stove top)

    Bathroom (floor, tub, toilet)

    Laundry (wash, fold, iron)

    Apart from that it does not include baby sitting, washing the car, lawn, etc)

    Always remember to put in writing. Good luck!

  • 5 months ago

    Usually older people want housecleaning help since they can't physically do it any longer. Since Covid19, the elderly are told not to have anyone in their home.I know three people who gave up their cleaning woman due to the pandemic.

    You could put in your ad that you will wear a mask, gloves, use disinfectant, etc, due to the virus. You might even have to prove to clients you have been tested and don't have the virus.

    You left dusting off your list. In my area, housecleaners get $17 to $25 an hour.

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