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why do they cancel some video games?

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    The short and simple version is "money".

    Some game studios don't have enough money to stay open resulting in gaming cancellation.

    Some games themselves although have a big fan base don't make that much. A good example is Bully and Max Payne 3. Bully and Max Payne 3 were such a good games but the didn't do to well in sale due to piracy. Instead of buying the game people would download it illegally for free.

    So rockstar vancover just spent all this money making this game but didn't make to much money. So the game studio went bankrupt and rockstar vancover shut down while bully 2 was in the works. Resulting in bully 2 being canceled.

    So because of the free loading pirates we will never see another bully or max payne game ever again.

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    There's various ways video games have been canceled, so it all depends on their circumstances...

    1) Game ran into critical problem they couldn't overcome -- This could be a critical technical bug or a massive legal issue they could get past & was forced to give up.

    2) Funding has ran out -- Game development can cost a lot of money, sometimes rivaling big-name movie budgets (GTA V cost around $265 Million to make).  While indie games can be made on a much smaller budget, you're still talking tens of thousands of dollars here (as people still need to eat & make a living) & they need funds to support the development staff.

    IF the game is being funded by a publisher, the developer must follow the publisher's timeline & hit certain milestones on time to keep getting funded...  OR ELSE!  If a developer fails to reach a publisher's milestone, the publisher can contractually withhold pledged funds... even if the developer eventually reaches said milestone later than normal.  When this happens, the developer has to burn through their cash reserves to appease the publisher (by reaching a different milestone) OR risk canceling development of the game completely.

    With games backed through crowdfunding (like Kickstarter) could get canceled because they didn't properly calculate, budget or utilize the funds they raised.  This could be from inexperience or some other factors that caused the developers to fall short of their goal.

    3) Game could release on a desired platform in time OR got caught between platform generations -- This is something that has happened for some games.  While the game was originally planned for one platform, but some games changed gears to go to another platform.

    This is fairly common with some titles that made the transition, like the original Animal Crossing (originally for N64, but was moved to Gamecube).  HOWEVER, some games have fallen into "development hell" as a result & died in the process...  & some games (like Duke Nukem Forever, which was in development for 15 years) SHOULD have died in this process...

    4) Some type of controversy kills the development -- It's possible that some type of controversy or news development related to the game caused the game to get canceled.  Two occurrences have come to mind here...

    First is "Six Days in Fallujah", which was planned to be a historical 3rd person shooter that followed the events of the Second Battle of Fallujah from Nov., 2004...  However, some controversies related to the game & war efforts caused Konami to pull out as publisher in April, 2009 & development of the game was effectively halted as the development studio was forced to lay off their entire staff in August, 2009.  While the game was never officially canceled, the series of events around it practically writes the cancellation itself.

    Second is "Fez II", which the indie developer Phil Fish (who made Fez) suddenly & abruptly announced on July 27, 2013 as he was completely fed up with the industry & practically rage-quit via Twitter, quitting from the industry, canceling the game & placed his company (Polytron) for immediate sale.

    This isn't all the causes, but these are the most common ones you'll find.

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  • 2 months ago

    maybe they dont have anyone around to make them right now

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