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Is it possible to get a cut from a plastic shopping bag?

Years and years ago I was working as a sacker in a grocery store.  I put a customer's bag in their cart and as I let go of the back and lifted my hand, something sliced all the way down my finger, drawing a decent amount of blood.  There was nothing sharp in his bag, and the finger that was cut never made contact with the cart.  I'm pretty well convinced the bag was the only thing my finger was touching when I got cut.  Did I get a papercut from a plastic bag?  A bagcut?


As I let go of the *bag and lifted my hand.  Always proofread!

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    Well sure, I suppose it's possible. Years ago, my best friend got a deep laceration across his palm that required sutures and all he'd done was to drag some blades of grass thru his hand. If the physics are right (or wrong, as it were) freak accidents like that can occur.

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