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Why does my vagina feel like I need to push something out?

So I have sex on a regular basis with my boyfriend But 2 days ago we had sex and after my vagina felt weird the next day I woke up. I didn’t think anything of it until I would sneeze or do anything that results in pressure it seemed like I needed to push something out so I decided to take a further look and when I tried to put my finger in there it hurt really bad but my vagina looked normal it doesn’t burn when I pee Its not itchy or burning, there’s nothing out of the ordinary coming out and My discharge is normal so I don’t think it’s an infection I also don’t have any sexual abuse history could anyone help 

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    1 month ago

    This is definitely a gynecological issue that requires the immediate attention of a medical professional.  You need an in person, pelvic exam.  It could be a prolapsed uterus from the way you are describing things, but, as with all things involving the internal reproductive organs, a closer look is definitely warranted.   Call for an appointment to get things sorted.  

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