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Can a judo olympian (200lbs) beat a bodybuilder in a fight? suppose they are fighting in the street, and bodybuilder only lift weights?

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  • 1 month ago

    Read History!!  Many Japanese Judo practitioners came to the USA to fight bigger guys ..... none will fight him so he travel to Brazil ..... where he disguised his teaching as Jujitsu ...... now the fools are calling it BJJ 

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  • 1 month ago

    The simple matter is a fight won't necessarily go to the strongest, the fastest or the most skilled, having these traits certainly improves your odds of victory, but a fight is often both too complicated and too short lived for a definite winner without serious circumstantial advantages, for example are there any potential weapons in reach if either fighter, does either have unsafe footing? To many variable, if it was a straight fight in totally equal circumstances and the body builder is as strong as the judo practitioner is skilled, then I guess judo man edges bodybuilder out, since he's specifically trained to fight and knows the best techniques, where as a body builder with no training would likely just throw his weight around

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