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What do you think the passage is saying in your own words. ?

. . . so long as we have the body accompanying our reason in its inquiries, so long as our souls are befouled by this evil admixture, we shall assuredly never fully possess that which we desire, to wit truth. For by reason of the nurture which it must have, the body makes countless demands upon us, and furthermore any sickness that may befall it hampers our pursuit of true being. Then too it fills us with desires and longings and fears and imaginations of all sorts, and such quantities of trash, that, as the common saying puts it, we really never have a moment to think about anything because of the body. Why, what else is it that causes war and faction and fighting but the body and its desires. Plato

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    Believe Plato was saying that pure thought and reason is the pinnacle of human existence - the most we could but aspire.  Unfortunately we are all slaves to the desires of our body - the baser self.   Since the two cannot be separated we are doomed to all manners of the failures of flesh.

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      Thank you so much i wanted to make sure my thought was or maybe on the right direction 

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