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If a man is on his driveway nude when a minor walks by, is it illegal?

so, im 15 and take my dog out at night and walk up and down my neighborhood (small cul de sac) and the other night i was out and walked to the end of the street (keep in mind it’s dark, and very quiet) and i noticed a door halfway open, i didn’t think too much of it, but then a man stepped out of the door (he had stepped out of his house into the driveway) completely naked, i couldn’t see his face because the light from the open door only lit up his back and a bit of his left side, which was enough for me to see that there wasn’t a shirt or pants on his body. I was reasonably a bit startled so i stopped walking and just stood there, and after a second he turned away but then right back and shined a flashlight at me, in response i turned around to go home. halfway up the street i decided to call my friend and talk about what just happened. i sat on my porch for a good 30 minutes and decided i wanted to finish my walk (i walk laps up and down the road) so i passed his house, and he wasn’t there so i continued walking, i looked back after passing his house and it looked like he was looking over the ledge in his driveway watching me (which is probably what was happening), because i looked again a little away from his house and he was shining a flashlight at me. i reasonably got home asap.

1. i understand the risk i am taking by being out so late

2. it easily could have been a man trying to protect his property from potential criminals scouting his property, but like.. naked?

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  • Squid
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    1 month ago

    It depends on your state and local laws.  There are plenty of places where walking around on your own property naked is not a crime.'

    Here's a Houstan guy that does yardwork naked in broad daylight:

    Youtube thumbnail

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  • 1 month ago

    This is very simple. If a naked person can be SEEN by someone who is not on his property (including neighboring buildings or public sidewalks), it is illegal. Standing on his own property does not shield him from indecent exposure laws.

  • Ludwig
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    1 month ago

    Yes, that is not cool.

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  • Nancy
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    1 month ago

    Where I live, it's illegal whether there's a minor walking by or not.

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