Is my boyfriend bi/gay?

Found he msged a man on Craigslist for a straight gay discrete post but never followed through. confronted him and he said that he had gay thought for 3 days tried watching gay porn & couldn’t jack off. a lot has happened this year to cause him to think about it ; me fingering his ***, me having a gay best friend,etc. confronting him led to him opening up fully about his previous drug addiction & how his brain feels so weird all the time. which I could see but he’s been smoking weed for awhile now and cigarettes. Three days ago he decided to throw out all his weed and weed stuff + cigs. He’s always kept to himself and has been depressed for years but never really was honest with himself, w work too he’s having a hard time. But during the time he did this was when we didn’t see eachother for 2 months and we were fighting everyday and one of my gay friends sent him an *** pic through dm and he ended up blocking him. I don’t know if he was triggered and couldn’t process the information well and didnt know how to deal with it being new to him? I’m being supportive and I told him if he was bi/gay I don’t care Id still be in his life & he can explore but he said he just wants to be w me & is so in love w me & would never actually **** a man it was just a thought that he couldn’t control. So I don’t know what to do or believe and I feel weird because all I can do is trust him but I have a hard time trusting people in general. We have pretty good sex & he didn’t follow through w it

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  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Craigs took down the personal section a few years ago.

    • alex1 month agoReport

      It was in the activity partners section or something like that

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