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The pill vs the drop-provera shot ?

I’m currently in the rigevidon pill and hate how it makes me feel. My mood swings are awful on my period and I feel like I’ve become a much more emotional person and cry a lot, even when I’m not on my period. My cramps have been much worse on the pill than when I wasn’t on it so I’m thinking about trying a different method of contraception.

I’ve heard some good things about the depo shot but looking for some advice from people who use this method.

 What are the Pro’s and cons for you?

I understand no one will have the exact same side effects and could be different for me, I just want to get some more personal opinions on it rather than just the information from the doctor.



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    There are many women who love the Depo shot.

    However.  There is a fraction of women who hate it.  And unlike your pill, which you can just stop taking and expect your negative side effects to retreat rapidly... you can't do that with the shot.  You have to wait for it to wear off, which takes *months*.

    If you've already had a bad response to hormonal contraceptives, the shot would not be my first alternative to try, basically.

    • claire2 months agoReport

      Thank you! I’ve spoken with my dr and they’re going to give me a different pill to try so fingers crossed I get on with this one 

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