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When or where did Twitter falsely label Donald J. Trump's tweets as being incorrect?

Okay if this isn't a dictator ploy to continue misinforming the general public, tell me what exactly this social media executive order does.

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    Not being the person who made that claim I can't say. What I DO see is Twitter unfairly targeting the President while failing to invoke the same level of fact-checking for lies about him; for example all those people who falsely claim he suggested that anyone ingest household cleaners.

    As to the California mail-in issue the form is at least available on the internet to anyone and specifically states that no witness or notary is needed. Sounds like a recipe for voting fraud to me.

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  • IOM
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    1 month ago

    The warning link in these 2 tweets is what he's complaining about. 

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    • IOM
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      Right. Trump evidently thinks a "get the facts" link implies his tweets are not factual. 

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