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Is it possible to become a Programmer/ hacker just by educating oneself through YouTube Videos?

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    Almost. What you really have to do is to write code. Lots and lots of code. The videos generally have you watching someone else writing code. I am reminded of the young boy who told me, "I know how to ride a horse. I've seen it on television."

    Choose some programming language. I'd suggest Python, but there are lots of good choices out there. Look up the tutorials, perhaps at w3schools or geeksforgeeks, and (here's a key point) TYPE IN THE EXAMPLES on your keyboard, rather than copying and pasting. Here I'm assuming you are already using some decent text editor. I use emacs, but others use vim, or various other things.

    Eventually you will need to try some hard problems. Examine the difficulties that programmers are reporting on StackExchange. Get some of the books that coach you on how to sail through an employment interview. Or more precisely, on how to avoid feeling that you'll never succeed but instead pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and go to another interview.

    Write code every day.

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