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Why is the paperback book I published in November suddenly selling a lot?I haven't been advertising except for the occasional Twitter post?


I mean when it first came out it was not selling like this. And the ebook version isn't selling like this.

Update 2:

It's this month it's started selling for no discernible reason.

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    Well, first of all congratulations on your sales. :)

    Did you published a second book? Often this can draw attention to the first.

    What can happen otherwise is that someone read your book and reviewed it somewhere. A positive review on Goodreads from someone who has a handful of friends/followers can quickly spread the word.

    If it's on Amazon, I believe the more sales you have the more visible the book will become, so that can start a small snowball effect.

    And yes, a Twitter post seen by the right person can also do the trick.

    Did you try googling your book? Maybe that will give you answers.

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  • 1 month ago

    Someone reviewed it?

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