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Do the Miranda Rights mean “If you say you can’t breathe I will kill you.”?

“Anything you say can and will be used against you”

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     Miranda Rights don't have anything to do with that. Miranda rights have to do with you basically implicating yourself by answering questions or providing statements to the police. You have the right, afforded to you by the 5th amendment to shut the f*** up and not speak. Any criminal defense attorney if you could chat with one about a law you broke and maybe arrested for will tell you do NOT speak to the police. The reason why is anything you say they will use against you. So, do yourself a favor if interrogated by police and shut the f*** up.

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    As you can't point to a single notable person who doesn't believe George Floyd was unlawfully murdered one wonders whom it is you think you're talking to. There isn't one elected official defending the actions of this cop. The argument isn't 'did he act wrongly', it's 'why isn't he in jail awaiting the outcome of the investigation like a private citizen would be'. And the answer to that is likely that his union has a deal that makes that impossible. 

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    This is not funny at all.  Stop.

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    As a retired police supervisor with 20 years as a member of a big city police department I would bet the reason there are no criminal charges is the autopsy showed Floyd died of a heart attack or whatever related to his pre-existing medical problems and NOT from having the officer kneel on him. If yes then what the officer did - in addition to being stupid - was probably only a violation of the Minneapolis PD's rules & regulations and NOT a crime. He will stay fired and there will be successful civil suits, but no criminal prosecution. 

    The only caveat is both the Governor of MN and the Mayor of Minneapolis are Democrats. That means they do not care about the law, the constitution, or justice and they may have the officer arrested anyway in order to placate the activists who are encouraging their followers to riot, loot, and burn.

    Finally, arresting the officer(s) has not in other similar incidents stopped the rioting, looting, or burning. 

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