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Worried about my mum?

So basically she’s been wanting to loose weight for ages now and I suggested going vegetarian as it helped me loose weight but she told me to stop “shoving it down her throat” when I didn’t mean it that way (I’m plant based/vegan) so it may of came off like that but I didn’t want to seem pushy I just suggested it, as she said she is having weight related problems and in my experience not eating meat and dairy helped but anyway so I just left that but then I found the metabolism diet pill thingy sun her room while looking for something else and I’m not sure whether they’re safe I mean they don’t look crazy but I found two types what should I do, should I say out of it or ask. Does anyone know if these are safe?

Thank you 😊 

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    She's an adult, and apparently doesn't appreciate your input, so stay out of it. In time she'll realize that supplements like that are mostly a waste of money, and the best way to lose excess fat is simply to eat better (more whole foods than processed foods) and have a calorie deficit. What speeds the metabolism, is building muscle. Short cuts typically provide little to no positive results, and in some cases can be dangerous (depending on what is being used). 

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