Does anyone know the Flash game's name?

I only forgot the game's name, and I want to solve it, after years of not playing online Flash games.

These are the details of the (beginning stage of playing the) game:

* You start off with a global view of a planet that is dry and has 1 green germ;

* You have (limited) control over the planet's weather;

* The planet is not round, but rectangular;

* (Quickly) after you started in the game, you can make an entity looking like a green alien show up. If you do this too early in the game, this entity will burn up;

* The graphical resolution is not of the 1990's, but comparable to games as Grow Valley and Grow Island. However, the entity looking like an alien does not look like a character from Grow Valley, but more like a stereotypical harmless alien;

* The game contains music that sounds like you are on a galactic adventure (if this makes sense);

* Tags: Alien, planet, simulation, point-and-click; 2D; evolution; paradise (perhaps).

I hope the above makes sense to you.

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