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For a while now I've been having headaches and my vision goes blurry for 5-10 seconds it goes back to normal afterward. What is it?

Ok so let me try to be as precise as I can, so for more than a year, I think I've been having this thing where my head hurts and while that happens my vision goes blurry. So basically my head hurts and I can't see clearly for 3 seconds then it gets darker and my vision slowly comes back. In a total, it lasts for 5-10 seconds. One time I counted when it happened and it was 15 seconds that the longest its ever been. This use to happen a lot but is now happening less and less but it still happens from time to time. I don't know if its a brain tumor or if this happens to everyone but it is really concerning. I'll comment if I get everyday headaches, I'm trying to see if it is a possible brain tumor but has this happened to anyone before. Is anyone a doctor that can tell me what this is. I know this is no place for a diagnosis but not wanting to worry my parents and being as young as I am here I am asking strangers for there opinions. (So feel free to tell me what you think).


It always happens after sitting so while I'm standing it happens. And I think it might be low blood pressure but I'm 14 so...

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    It is possible that it could be a brain tumor. You should get to seeing a doctor. Brain tumors are usually presented by patients with short burst headaches, which you say that you have. Migraines can cause the same thing, with the eye issues and headache, but they last far longer than seconds. Migraines can last for days.

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    Could be Migraine, this causes blurry vision.

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