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What would change in Naruto and Naruto shippudden if Naruto he heal bite like Karin and Karin's mom.?

Changes in story,plot,characters, and more like that

plz give long answer and details about the change that would happen. 

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  • 4 months ago

    A lot more doujinshi fodder.

  • 4 months ago

    I wouldn't do that.  I think it's a very stupid power.  It's weird for weird's sake.  I think a healing power with a tremendous side effect (like taking a slightly lessened version of the target's injury unto yourself) is cool.  It keeps injury from having no meaning.  I particularly love an alien healer in Marvel's Secret Wars that caused her to fall in love with the people she healed (and vice versa).  Sort of a Florence Nightengale effect times a million.

    But the biting, especially give then way medical ninja can heal, is kind of dumb.  I also think that the LAST thing in the world that is needed is for Naruto to be yet MORE powerful.  Remember, by the end, he was a FAR better healer than Karin anyway, healing the entire combined Shinobi army.  The entire Shinobi war chapter of Shippuden lost all meaning because the participants were basically all GODS.  It was a dreadful ending to a series that I otherwise enjoyed.

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