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Why is my i7 10700k base cpu frequency only 100mhz? my core 2 duo was higher than that?

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    Uhhhh, Intel Core series processors have been running with a 100mhz baseclock since Sandy Bridge, but the multiplier is set much higher. The baseclock is only tied to the CPU controllers and the PCH. Some of this has to do with the Northbridge chipset functions being moved to the CPU. The functions of the Southbridge have been moved to the PCH (Platform control Hub).

    Your Core 2 Duo had a higher baseclock but a much lower multiplier. The baseclock is tied to the NorthBridge chipset, Southbridge Chipset, and CPU clock generator.

    1st Generation Intel Core processors like the Core i7-920 or Core i7-990x had a 133mhz baseclock. 

    Intel changed how the clock generators worked when they moved chipset functions to the CPU. Moving these functions to the CPU reduces latency and it's more friendly towards mobile devices. Gone is the FSB that controlled the Northbridge chipset. 

    Baseclock X Multiplier = CPU Frequency

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