How can a customer and sales associate interact more than the price of the clothing item?

How can a teenage girl interact with sales associate in order to have new wardrobe? 

What could their possible interaction could be like? 

I appreciate the time taken to answer my question :)

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    Why?  Why do you want to interact more with the sales person?  In order to have a new wardrobe, you obtain money and when you have enough you spend it on the wardrobe items that you want.  'Interacting more' with the sales associate will not get you extra clothing for free. interact with a sales person to get new clothing you do this:

    YOU (walk in to the store )

    Sales Assoc. (Walks up to you) Hello, What can I help you with?

    YOU: I need a new wardrobe.

    Sales Assoc: What size do you wear?

    YOU: I think I wear a size 6.

    Sales Assoc: The size six clothes are in this aisle that says 'Size 6 Clothes for Teenage Girls'.

    YOU: But how do I know what I like?

    Sales Assoc: (Shakes their head because that sounds dumb) Well...have you seen any fashion magazines?

    YOU: NO.

    Sales Assoc:  Well then how much money did you want to spend?

    YOU: $50.00

    Sales Assoc: What is your favorite color?

    YOU: Pink.

    Sales Assoc: (Finds a pink top on the NEW ARRIVALS RACK that costs $46.00) Here...This is is a size six and even with sales tax it will be under $50.00.

    YOU: (Hands the sales Assoc your money) Wow, this was very nice.  Can you give me more?

    Sales Assoc:  Yes, you come back with a lot more money and I will pick out the newest clothes we have for you.

    Note can do the same thing on line and spend less money by NOT interacting with a sales person.

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    Prostitution, but I hope that is not what you mean.  Get a job there aqnd get the employee discount.

  • 4 months ago

    Incoherent.  Learn the language. Can't make heads or tails out of what you are saying.

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