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Is immune-boosting considered a health benefit?

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    Immune system helps you fight off disease/illness so that perhaps you don't catch a certain disease/illness OR if you do, it may not impact you as severely as it would or for as long of a duration as it would have if you didn't have a strong immune system.

    Therefore, boosting your immune system is simply making it strong, which in turn helps increase your body's resistance to getting sick. I'd consider that a health benefit, yes. Anything to help reduce the chances of you getting sick, could be considered a "health benefit".

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    They're using immune-boosting therapy to combat a wide variety of diseases nowadays that's probably going to be the wave of the future giving people a selective drug to stimulate their body to attack and destroy a virus or disease instead of giving the person an antibiotic or some kind of chemotherapy that destroys body cells hoping to kill off the virus or the cancer or whatever first

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