94 Integra AC won't work. Bad condenser?

94 Integra AC won't  work - I replaced the compressor, the expansion valve and the drying can. I ran cleaner through the condenser. I had a HF vacuum thing that works off compressed air and sucked it down a little. 

When I charge it and try yo run it , it blows off pressure at the input to the drying can and  obviously it won't work. Is this a bad condenser ? I don't have the gauges , I'm too cheap to take it to a shop and  will probably junk the car i  the fall.

Any ideas? Thanks

1 Answer

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    You bought AC parts but you did not buy a manifold gauge.  The manifold gauge is the first thing you should have bought.  Did you even check if the (old) compressor clutch was engaging?  Stop wasting your money and time already.

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