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Friend forgot bday but asked for favor?

Before this pandemic, we have always celebrated our bdays together each year. Hers is only a month before mine. Even this year, I made an effort to surprise her with an e-gift but she didn't reciprocate anything...not even just a bday message. A week later after my bday, she asked how I was but still didn't bring it up. Now she is back asking if I can review her essay for can someone be so rude?

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    I don't know where you are or where your friend is. but many of us are finding the Covid-19 thing is playing havoc with our ordinary routines. Most likely your friend is focused on that, rather than on people's birthdays.

    Did she reply when you sent her your e-gift? If so, you should assume that she simply forgot about your birthday. Clearly she thinks you're still good friends.

    And good friends don't get all huffy and upset the first time someone doesn't remember their birthday.

    Another thought occurs to me: maybe she DID remember your birthday but her message went into your Spam for some reason, or if she sent you a real card, the mail has failed to deliver it.Please DON'T assume people are deliberately trying to offend you. Cut her some slack - a LOT of slack.Or if you're such good friends, can't you send her a jokey 'Hey, where's my birthday gift, you slacker?"

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    Forgetting something is not rude. 

    What are you, 12? Why should your birthday be the focus of someone else's thoughts? 

  • Pearl
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    5 months ago

    maybe she really did forget

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    You have a valid complaint, but no clear question. What exactly are you asking us?

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    People genuinely lose track of dates and birthdays. She's not likely being intentionally rude.

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