only for Brazilian people is this the first and only cartoon to have this character speak Korean?

also this cartoon

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have that language spoken is not made in Brazil, was there Korean spoken in a Brazilian made cartoon as well?

i list here of the cartoons made in Brazil


Band Kids

Bom Dia & Cia

Bubu and the Little Owls

Carrapatos e Catapultas

Cupcake & Dino: General Services

Doggy Day School

Haunted Tales for Wicked Kids

Irmão do Jorel

Julie e os Fantasmas

Newbie and the Disasternauts

Os Amigos Vegetais

Osmar: The Heel of the Loaf

Os Under-Undergrounds


Papaya Bull



Quintal da Cultura

Record Kids

Sábado Animado

Trunk Train

TV Colosso

TV Globinho

TV Xuxa

if not, only any other Brazilian cartoon Chinese language or portrayed shown in Brazilian cartoons like i only know Monica where they meet Ding-Ling in a Chinatown streetlamp in a Chinese shop and Gui e Estopa in a similar 1 too, but in a Shing-Ling restaurant with a streetlamp looked like in real life

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