2004 g34 code p1065 rough idle?

Hello my g35 recently been giving me issues. First my code was a misfire and camshaft position sensor replaced spark plugs and coils. Started it up and it felt rough still but codes were gone. Then I realized my intake boot before throttle body was ripped so I replaced that and  now I’m getting a p1065 ecm code and cylinder 1 misfire. So I do some more digging and I see that close to my firewall on passenger side right where the fuse box is located there’s a big puddle of water be held in and 1/4 the fuse box was submerged in water so I cleared the drain hole which was clogged and I’m letting it dry out could that have been my problem? Car starts but has rough idle and throwing out that code. Thanks for any information or answers.

1 Answer

  • Anonymous
    4 months ago

    Replace the ECM fuse and the ECM relay if there is one.  Check for spark on cylinder 1.  Check if the injector is firing on cylinder 1.  Check for injector pulse on cylinder 1.  Check for compression on cylinder 1.

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