Do you believe video games are made to appeal to men more than women?

As in video game companies put violence in video games and stuff like that because they want it to appeal to men more. Is it because the video game industry believes only men play video games? What are some video games that would appeal to women and men?

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    That's an incredibly complicated question to answer. So sit down and relax, I'll tell you a tale.

    When home consoles were a new market, they were advertised to families. Because that's what made the most sense at the time. Most houses only had one family television and the way the games were designed made it look like a reasonable family night in activity.

    Then 1983 came and the industry crashed. Nintendo came along and wanted to resurrect it.

    Well, Nintendo's marketing realized that, though games were previously marketed to families, the group that most played them were male. (And some of us weirdo girls, but mostly men). No, this has NOTHING to do with sexism!!!! (like that moron "Adam Ruins Everything" tries to claim because he doesn't seem to get it through his thick hair gel that companies really do want to make money! OMG!) 

    If girls had played more games than boys, then Nintendo would have marketed to girls. It was just much simpler to market to an audience already interested in buying to begin with. And that's how things should be.

    We now see more games more accessible to women, but that didn't happen until cell phones started to play games. For some reason, we women like things that are more familiar to us. I wouldnt be surprised that if you polled all hardcore female gamers, you will find most, if not all, started when we were young. And though there's a sizable number of us females that play hardcore, most audience still remains male. 

    So it makes sense that most games feel rather masculine. Again, nothing wrong with this.

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  • 1 month ago

    some video games are made to appeal to men and some are made to appeal to women.

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  • 1 month ago

    It's not that they simply believe more men play videogames, it's a cold hard fact. If there was a big enough player base on non violent and more lets say "women orientated" games, then the industry would jump on that, they want to make money regardless of gender. But the problem is that women generally speaking just don't want to spend their time playing videogames,  they have other interests. 

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