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I can't keep pretending i'm okay.?

I've been miserable and sad for a long time, and I got "help" for it a few years ago, but it didn't actually work, but everyone thought it did because i just hid it because I didn't want to burden my friends and family. My friends tell me their problems and I try to help them, but they rarely ask about me because they can see that i'm "okay" because I smile a lot. Ive started to self harm again and like I can't keep pretending i'm okay because i'm not, but I can't tell anyone because they have their own problems to deal with and I don't want to burden them with my problems. Every time when they talk about their future after high school, I feel sad because I don't feel like I am going to make it past. I just don't know what to do anymore. 

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    Your friends can not fix you, can not really help you or get you help, hon, but your parents can get your help and they are responsible for your well-being.  Talk with them!

    Therapy only works when we WORK IT.  Otherwise it doesn't do a thing.  We have to put forth effort to work on the things our therapist gives us to do in order to start making positive life improvements.  Therapists just don't have magical cures or magic wands.  

    There is also a world of self help on line - for depression self-help, anxiety self-help and self-help for just about any problem we can think of.  Taking the advice we learn from websites we find and putting that advice into action in our own lives, is what can help very  much.  But this has to be an on-going process and we have to work at it in the long-term, not just for a day or a week. 

    Here is one of those self-help pages.

    It does suggest talking to a friend or friends. I suggest a close friend or preferably, someone you've known all your life.  Do you have a relative who would talk with you who is an adult?  If so, this is a good idea.  But if you have a good friend, then talk with them about your feelings briefly at times.  And also take an interest in your friend. Find out how they are doing too.  It can make us feel good to be supportive of someone else's life, too.  Even if they aren't depressed.  

    Get some exercise... there are endless workouts on YouTube but you don't have to wear yourself out.  

    Make a schedule for each day when possible, too.  Do things with your family.

    I know that because of the pandemic, many of us are not able to socialize with others in person right now, but at least we have face time and other options.

    Sending hugs.  Take care of YOU.  It's important - you are the most important person in your life. 

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    It never works unless you want it to and actually stick with it.  What did you do go to one meeting, not really participate then walk out and pretend that the real problem wasn't you?   Grow up and stop posting about your problems here if you have no actual intention of honestly doing anything about it.  All posting here does is show how desperate you are for attention.

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    4 months ago

    maybe you should get some help if you need it

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    Ma che ne so io

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