What is a chemical engineering bachelor expected to know/be able to do?

I am about to graduate as chemical engineer. I wish to know if my four years in university were actually of any use. What would be expected of a bachelor in chemical engineering at an entry level job. What would he be expected to be already able to do?

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  • 1 month ago

    When you graduate with a Bachelors degree it means you can grasp the concepts of the field, are capable of researching issues and finding reasonable answers to problems if they exist and if answers don't exist why they don't. You are starting out with little or no experience and your boss will know this. What they expect from you is the ability to learn the job. You have "New Job Jitters" It will help for you to know that, they Know that, You don't "KNOW" anything but are willing to learn. Just relax and go with it.

    tIf you don't have an answer to a question, tell them you can find out.

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      If I don't know anything, than what was the point of the degree?

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  • 1 month ago

    1. Know well how to use of simulators like Aspen, Hysys, ProII with ability to decide on which thermodynamics model needs to be used for the separation process, Matlab.

    2. Have good knowledge of the most important subject of Material and energy balance calculations, Numerical methods, computer programming in languages like Fortran, optimization, mathematical modelling

    3. Have good knowledge of the other core subjects of reaction engineering, transport phenomenon, unit operations, process control, chemical engineering thermodynamics.

    Chemical engineer should also have good knowledge of organic and inorganic chemistry. 

    4. In-plant training experience or internship in chemical manufacturing company

    5. Willingness to work in chemical plant or if required even in night shift on the production unit.

    6. Should be able to conceptually design a chemical manufacturing plant and do its techno-economic evaluation

    7. Should have developed good skills in oral and written communication-asking specific questions, replying to questions asked by others, report writing, presenting slides, 

    8. Should have experience of working in group or if possible leading a group by way of group design project.

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  • 1 month ago

    Make process calculations, size a heat exchanger, size a separator, design a fractionation column, design a control system, do economic calculations and cost estimates, calculate fluid dynamics problems, choose materials for various applications

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