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I was reported for harassment... never even got a warning. Why!?

I contacted my ex’s work phone and was then reported to the police by my ex boyfriends employer for harassment. 

I have a criminal history, I got charged for harassment when I was just 13 too for sending apologetic letters... which was ludicrous! Considering I had a history of it, I would’ve thought they’d come down hard on me.

One day I woke up and no words about the police were uttered ever again. All talk of the situation was dropped immediately and when I asked questions about the outcome they were very evasive. I never even got a warning?  A stop had been put to it, they were discussing what would be best to do but who has the power at the end of the day to say “no, I don’t want matters to go further. I don’t want her in trouble with the police”? My ex? 

Did my ex put a stop to it all? Who would’ve wanted the police to get involved in the first place, my ex or his employer?

(PS. It’s all petty stuff, we just had a lot of trouble last year and our contact was prohibited, that’s all)

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    When the same thing keeps happening again and again to the same person it's usually wise for that person to look in the mirror and honestly evaluate their own behavior. 

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