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My fiancé download an app?

Sorry this is long. 

The other day I was downloading an app on my fiancé’s phones (yes he knew what I was doing) after I downloaded it I deleted it and somehow I went to all his apps even the ones he deleted and there was a gay app on his phone that he deleted and it said April 2, 2020 so he added it last month. When I saw that I got really stressed out but I didn’t say anything about it I just wanted to let it go so I deleted it off his apps in his iCloud. Yesterday we had this huge argument and that’s when I let it all out cause it started bothering me more. I asked why would he download a gay app on his phone and was saying am I not good enough etc. I was so upset I started to cry. He kept on saying he doesn’t know how that app got on there and that he’s just as confused as I am. And let me say I really trust Him and he never gives me a reason not to. We are always around each other he always lets me go on his phone, we communicate all the time, he doesn’t hide things but until I saw that app the other day idk. It just bothers me so much. What do you think of this? 

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    I'm a man so I think you're overreacting BUT then again, a woman's intuition has still to be beaten.

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