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Do you ever count the tremendous cost of stress upon men by the PC, feminist policies nowadays?

Every where you go, work, study, or even right at your own home or car, you can be accused as racist, sexist, homophobic, Anti LGBTIQ , sexual harassment, rape etc... at a drop of hat by the snowflakes and woman. Even with your own wife or girlfriend, you can’t be 100% sure if she gonna turn on you. 

And you could be out of work, kick out of school or any where, even your house as a result of these leftwing communism infiltrated very fabric of society, just because you are a man.These constantly on guard for every thing you said or done make a muzzled effect and increase adrenaline would tax our cardiovascular system to the limit and reduce life expectancy.Only if you are a billionaire that can hire lawyer at a drop of hat, or a retiree staying at home all the time with no sex, then you can be relax your guard.Seem like there is no way out of leftwing , feminist spider web!


It would be a miracle than men could have an erection if we have such a stress all the time. Unless we are illiterate and have low IQ so that we know nothing around us politically.

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  • Foofa
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    4 months ago

    I grant you that unless one is a multi-racial, LGBTQ+ individual with physical disables, in the country illegally and from a poor family it's pretty hard to get though the current world without being accused of some kind of "ism". 

  • liz
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    4 months ago

    Perhaps some people need to live in bunkers, when the real world is just too scary for them. I don’t know how normal men cope. Perhaps they just don’t suffer from the same mental issues you do.

  • 4 months ago

    This is all goober and mentally disabled people who are PC and Feminist. Just sign out the internet. Spread the word so dudes can recover and get their life back on track. Sign off the internet  and stop searching for the video or articles on them and find another way to spend time online if you dont plan on quitting the internet for a few weeks, but you should be quitting the internet 

  • Anonymous
    4 months ago

    The number of men who actually suffer from false rape/harassment, sexism, racism etc accusations is actually very low. Yes, it's detrimental for those it happens to but you're statistically more likely to be shot in a drive by shooting, home invasion, mugging or even more likely to slip and fall in the shower and crack your skull than to have your life ruined by some woman or SJW accusing you of something. Your rhetoric sounds a lot like the left wing feminists talking about how women should consider a rapist hiding around every corner. It's irrational and not a healthy way to live life. Everyone has stress of some kind or another. Strong people handle the stress; weak people don't.

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