If you could go back in time when will you go and what might you bring if it meant we'd more technologically advanced when you get back?

I'd go back to the time of Alexander the Great bringing a clock, telescope, microscope, music box and a model elevator. they had pulleys during his time, so they should be able to figure out an elevator. 


I know we finally have virtual reality, augmented reality, and hover vehicles (only for the military or at a high price though 😪) but like many people I wish we were more technologically advanced. top 3 things I want are flying cars, teleportation and cybernetics...which is technically coming along

Update 2:

for flying cars, flying is quite fun (I actually flew a plane once), artificial limbs are pretty much cybernetics, and as for teleportation I'd settle for tube travel like in futurama

Update 3:

BTW I didn't say I was going to alexander the great if I went back in time, I said I was going back to the time period when he was alive. If he did get his hands on the technology I mentioned however, that would be kinda interesting. on the bright side, America would have been discovered way earlier. I really enjoy history, but I wish we were more advance and america had a longer history

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  • 5 months ago
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    Throughout history every technological advance has been used to enslave populations.  To invade, crush and to disempower even your own populations.

    We have always discovered things way before we have understood whether they should be used or not.  So even if the impossible was possible I would not dare alter anything in any way.  I am not smart enough to predict all the possible consequences. 

  • 5 months ago

    But then conquerings of Alexander the Great would look different. Giving him

    all that technology and he'd probably have a more sucessfull empire that would also probably look different and the evolution of the countries would not be the same.

    Possibly even your country (and you) will not exist in that alternative reality.

    Just changing little things in the past could have huge consequences for the future

    Teleportation is impossible by the laws of quantum mechanics. Heisenbergs uncertainty principle does not allow for teleportation. Only teleportation of single

    particles is possible (and that is a special case)

    Cybernetics, not going to happen. They've been going at it for 30+ years and all

    they've come up with is a robot that can walk up stairs. They might be able to

    construct a physically functioning robot, but they will never be able to give it a brain

    like ours. Artificial intelligence is out of mankin's reach

    Flying cars, it sounds like a mess, probably much harder to get a drivers llicense,

    and opens for a lot more accidents since flying cars ought to go much faster. And if you're going to have cars that go about the same speed as regular cars then why the hell even bother with it? Why do you need a flying car for? grow up


    just one thing I forgot. Backwards timetravel is impossible according to both quantum mechanics and general relativity. This discussion is then just abstract speculation. Keep having your fantasies if you want (I have them too), but something like that will never be possible

    EDIT2 response to your last edit

    But then America would be discovered by Alexander the great and then Greeks would have invaded, kill natives and built up America instead of the English and French. It would be a completely different America, probably not even named America, and you would certainly not be in it. The history of Europe and Asia would also look different with entirely different peoples and countires. Better to leave the past alone.

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