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Writing an anonymous letter?

When you write an anonymous letter how do you avoid getting finger prints on the paper to avoid it being traced back to you?

Also will people believe an anonymous letter?

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    I have no idea what kind of letter you plan on writing, but if it’s something seriously criminal or a threat to national security, they will likely find some way to trace it back to you. Technology keeps getting better and even if they can’t figure it out now, they may in the future. 

    If you still plan to write the letter, you have to consider the following things:

    FINGERPRINTS: Wear gloves. Don’t touch the paper, envelope, or anything that you plan to send. Don’t even touch the corners.

    DNA: Don’t lick the envelope or stamp. Don’t touch anything with any part of your body. Skin cells can come off on the paper. Make sure no skin cells fall onto it either (dry skin, dandruff). Don’t sneeze or cough on it. Make sure all surfaces you work on are clean.

    HANDWRITING: Don’t use your handwriting. Don’t try to disguise your writing either. Experts look at things besides just the way the letters look. If you do write anything, use very neat, block letters. Don’t use a pen, use a black marker and trace over it a couple times. Make a photocopy of anything with handwriting on it. Experts often check how you use pressure with the pen to identify the writer. Use correct spelling and grammar. I saw a tv show about a murder suspect who claimed she did not write a note. There was a weirdly misspelled word that was used repeatedly. This misspelling was traced back to her because she had done it before. 

    PRINTERS: Don’t use any printer you’ve used in the past, and don’t use it again in the future. Every printer has a pattern of lines on the paper that are invisible to the naked eye. You don’t want the printer you used to be matched up with any other papers you printed. Use a common brand of black ink. Make sure you use paper fresh from the package, so you can be sure it’s never been touched by you or anyone else. 

    COMPUTERS: Don’t type the letter on your own computer. Deleting a file doesn’t make it go away. Everything you do is saved in some form. If you use someone else’s computer, make sure they don’t know you used it, otherwise they could rat you out. Don’t do any searches or visit any sites related to the address or the person you sent it to. Whatever computer you use, destroy it afterwards. Make sure it sinks to the bottom of a lake and never found. Don’t just smash it, experts can restore files. 

    MAIL: Don’t mail it from your town. Postmarks show the post office that collected it. Obviously, don’t put any return address on it. Use a common brand of black marker to address the envelope, and use only neat block letters. Try to trace over the letters a couple times to make it harder to recognize handwriting. Or you can print the address label. 

    PEOPLE: Don’t have witnesses. Don’t ask a friend to use their computer or printer. If you use a public copier, make sure the staff didn’t see what you copied. You can even copy something else too so they see you doing something else. Don’t use a public computer, they save stuff.

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    They have this neat little invention out now. Plastic things that go over your hands! You may have heard of them. They are called gloves.

  • Pearl
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    i wouldnt worry about it, it might be hard to figure out the fingerprints

  • Anonymous
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    If you're using it to commit a crime such as make a threat the first obvious thing will be security cameras near the place you dropped it off. Trust me, tracking that is easier than you may think. The Unibomber was caught when his brother recognized some awkward phrases and speech patterns. They may also track down who was Googling or asking Yahoo about making anonymous letters. Types of paper or envelopes can be traced. The stupidest one is DNA when you lick the stamp! But still fibers from your clothes, your dead skin falling off your face, your cat's dander, etc all end up on it even if you're wearing gloves. 

    And no, you're not going to be believed when you send a death threat to the MI police. You will have committed a crime at that point and have your neck stepped on over a silly mistake you made when you were 14 and mad about what you saw on TV.

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    nice okay okay okay

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    Glue, scissors, tweezers and a newspaper is the old way, where you cut the letters out of headlines and arrange them to spell out your message. It's also the most scary.

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    1.  Go to Office Depot and buy a box of letters, like resume paper that comes inside a box. Also get the resume envelopes that also comes inside a box. 

    2.  Wear gloves when you open the box and remove the piece of paper. 

    3. Wear your gloves while writing the paper. You want to be wearing gloves whenever you touch the paper. 

    4. While wearing gloves, open the box of envelopes and take 1 out. Put letter in envelope. Use a damp paper towel to seal the envelope. Don’t lick it because you’ll leave your DNA which can be traced back to you if they suspect you. 

    5. If you can, drive to another state while wearing gloves when touching the envelope. Try to find a state that borders a lot of states so that it makes it harder to narrow down the state that the envelope came from. Drop into mailbox but choose a location where a lot of people would drop their mail but not so busy that someone can see you wearing gloves. 

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    1. You type it or print it from a word processor instead of writing it by hand. Then you use gloves to handle the paper.

    2. The only letters that are fingerprinted are those dealing with issues or actions that are illegal. If you're not dealing with an illegal issue, or proposing an illegal action, you have no reason to be concerned about your letter being fingerprinted.

    3. Whether people believe ANY letter, anonymous or otherwise, is dependant on what letter says. That should be obvious to just about anyone. 

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