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I like Trump's response to the incident.  So far he hasnt sent any condolences to floyd's family cause he was a thug?

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  • 1 month ago

    Anti-Lockdown protesters threatening governors lives?  'Very Good People'

    Minneapolis people rioting because fellow cops who were triggered one of their 'boys' got caught used tear gas, rubber bullets, and noise grenades on peaceful protests: 'Thugs'

    Remember Trump called Colin Kaepernick a 'son of a *****' for peacefully protesting by kneeling.


    It's telling isn't it.

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    • William1 month agoReport

      And the hanging didn't actually threaten Beshear's life. It wasn't a good thing to do, but those protesters didn't put anyone's life in danger, unlike the people rioting over George Floyd.

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  • 1 month ago

    Your question makes no grammatical sense and I'm not sure you read his response. Trump offered condolences to Floyd's family and he never called Floyd a thug. The people whom he called thugs were the rioters, whom he said dishonored his memory.

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