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Hallucinogenic drugs are not to be taken lightly, am I right?

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    You would be right. They can be anything. They can be THE most incredibly beautiful and positively life-changing thing you've ever experienced. But they can also be utterly f*cking terrifying. Basically..? They demand RESPECT! And especially at high dosages! So.. you better approach them with all due respect, and humbly surrender, and float downstream. Mindset is everything. As is your setting, and the people you do it with. Can it be great fun? Yes. Is it meant to be JUST for fun? No. In my experience..? It is best approached as a really significant experience of spiritual and personal transformation. If you give yourself over to it, and you're willing to learn, and listen? And you want it to change your life, and your whole reality and perception, forever..? It WILL! And your world may very well never be the same again! Which, in my experience..? It is one of the two or three best decisions I have EVER made, in my whole entire life. I like my reality WAY more now than I did, before the fact. And I wouldn't want to live my life, having never experienced that side of the coin, or had my mind opened up to the infinite beauty that is those realms, for anything! It was very much like a beautiful spiritual rebirth, for me! And utterly, utterly life-changing and significant, in the BEST way!! Not that it has to be that, or it has to be THAT heavy-duty, for everyone. But.. it CAN be! Especially if you take it seriously, and you take a high dose of whatever it is that you're taking, and you fully surrender to it, and just let it HAVE you. <3

    So yeah. Just.. before you do it, make sure that is really what you want. It may very well be one of the most important decisions you will ever make, in your whole entire life!

    Also, PS..? If you're vulnerable to psychosis, or you've got psychotic mental illness in your family, you probably shouldn't do it. Or at least you should be very, VERY careful!! As it could potentially, in some people, trigger / aggravate that. No matter what..? It IS a bit of a gamble! You just can't get away from that! But for me..? I'm very, very glad I chose to put my reality on the line. <3

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    I dropped acid (LSD) and did mescaline a couple of times about 35 years ago.  I also bought what was supposed to be Crystal T (THC) but the guy I bought it from got busted for PCP (Angel Dust) a week later.  I did not care for the effects of the LSD at all with every nerve being on edge for about 14 hours.  The mescaline was a much shorter more mellow feeling.  I dumped the rest of the "Crystal T" after hearing of the bust.  I don't think I have suffered any permanent effects.

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    • I think "suffered" would be the wrong word. Letting them change your reality, and permanently open you up to new ways of thinking, and new avenues of perception, is really the whole point, in my experience. <3

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  • 1 month ago

    Agreed, I used them too much and got into a lot of trouble, over a year from the last use I want to use so bad but distract myself with hemp and kava instead. They're actually a lot easier to get if you're looking for legal loopholes but here's the catch, you're behavior on those drugs have a high chance of being illegal and everyone around you will be like "Why the hell are your pupils so huge?!" 

    Sure I guess good trips can be enlightening but there's a chance of doing something stupid on the bad ones. Not like jumping off of a building crazy, I'm talking about "Waking up with a guitar and a tattoo and eating cheese pizza with chocolate frosting on top of it and having someone concerned in your life look at your pupils and be like "STOP DOING DRUGS RIGHT NOW!!! >:(" 

    But... oh boy I do miss them. A year later of cold turkey I want them so bad, I only imagine people who had something worse like heroin feel that feeling 10 times more.

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  • I’ve only taken shrooms, but I took half of what you are supposed to take and didn’t see anything strange but had fun

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