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Is it haram to not have children/marry in Islam?

Hey so i wanted to know if not marrying and not having children is permitted in Islam cause stuff like skin ship and just romantic stuff make me extremely uncomfortable and I really don’t know why and if that makes me uncomfortable then it’s pretty obvious why I don’t want children. Allah SWT only knows if i’ll change my mind one day but romantic relationships isn’t really my thing currently. I’m not that scared of birth but the making love part makes me uncomfortable by even thinking about it. I would label myself as a gray-romantic asexual cause i rarely experience romantic attraction but don’t desire for romantic relationships

 and i’ve never been sexually attracted to anyone. Gotta be honest i’ve had only 2 crushes in my entire life but i got over them quickly cause it was more of a “i want to be friends with you” type of crush and not that i wanted to spend my entire life with them but i can maybe see myself marry someone in the future but it’s just probably not gonna happen. 

I want to know, do i look like a bad person in the eyes of Allah SWT cause i don’t want to have children or marry someone because i’m not comfortable with it? And if i do have to is it a good thing in the eyes of Allah SWT if i force myself into a marriage and then it just ends up in a relationship where there is no love but sadness & hurt? I doubt that that is what Allah SWT would like to see, right? But what i can see myself doing is living alone and have a pet cat and just do my own business. 

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    No it isn't not having kids is the right thing to do humanity is a virus to this planet everyone should stop having kids so that we do the Earth a favor and go extinct. Do your part today and end humanity.

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