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Last names: Adler, Brady, Carlson, Burns, StilesMoms name: Lucille, Felicity, Francesca, Madeline, SloaneDads name: Oliver, August, Anderson, Gavin, OwenDaughter #1: Winona, Sylvie, Rory, Paxton, MatildaDaughter #2: Dixie, Emmylou, Aria, Bebe, ChapinDaughter #3: Clementine, Daisy, Eden, Effy, LennonSon #1: Davy, Ferris, Capri, Chandler, FinniganSon #2: Wren, Ryan, Peter, Cooper, SilasDog: Fido, Rufus, Buster, Brutus, MarleyCat: Penny, Anastasia, Stella, Roo, Pixie

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  • 1 month ago

    The Burns Family

    Madeline Lucille

    Anderson Owen

    Rory Paxton

    Aria Chapin

    Eden Lennon

    Finnigan Davy

    Silas Cooper

    -Maddie and Owen, Rory, AC, Eden, Finn, and Cooper Burns

    Pets; Buster and Roo

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  • Snid
    Lv 7
    1 month ago

    Last name Burns.

    Mom:  Francesca Burns: Frankie.

    Dad: Anderson Burns: Andy

    Daughter #1: Sylvie Burns.

    Daughter #2: Emmy Lou Burns: Emmy

    Daughter #3: Eden Burns

    Son #1: Finnegan Burns: Finn

    Son #2: Cooper Burns

    Dog: Rufus Burns

    Cat: Penny Burns.

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  • 1 month ago

    The Carlson's

    Francesca Sloane Carlson

    Owen Oliver Carlson

    • Sylvie Winona Carlson (12, blonde)

    • Aria Chapin Carlson (10, blonde)

    • Eden Clementine Carlson (7, brunette)

    • Chandler Davy Carlson (4, brown hair)

    • Peter Ryan Carlson (1, blonde)

    Sylvie, Aria, Eden, Chandler and Peter!

    Rufus the labradoodle

    Pixie the orange tabby

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  • 1 month ago

    Brady family

    Lucille Felicity

    August Oliver

    Sylvie Matilda

    Bebe Emmylou

    Clementine Daisy

    Capri Finnigan

    Ryan Cooper



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  • 1 month ago

    The Adler Family: Gavin and Lucille, Sylvie, Dixie, Clementine, Finnigan, and Peter. Pets are Rufus and Penny

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