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What do the protesters want? ?

The cop has been charged with murder. Why are they still protesting and causing destruction and chaos in every state?

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    This is a good question.. If protestors really hope to accomplish something, they must be clear & specific about what they want.

  • Anonymous
    5 months ago

    To destroy America 

  • 5 months ago

    They want to cause as much destruction as possible and make everyone else suffer because they’re mad.

  • Anonymous
    5 months ago

    Lets look deep into this police beat to death many and get off with only time off and not pay and don't lose there jobs , whats that take a life do life ! many are good police out there not all are bad

    but many are upset that someone is beat to death by beating or even hold them down and they die on the way to jail , but if you look at the video of the person a few days ago was he screaming or mad no the video shows him not upset , it was a cop who got out of hand and many are upset and they fear for there lifes will they be next

    yes it is a stand for the black many who did lose his life to a cop who

    got out of hand whats why so many are up set over this and many are going to make sure it never happens again , every color is standing up for the person who lost his life , that brings tears to my eyes they really cared for him he was a good good man !!!  one thing you have to under stand being a cop is hard work and some just snap and others know how to deal with it , again the PD is there to help us that's what we are paying them with out them crime would get out of hand ! 

    mind you if this cop didnt do what he did this would not have happen

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  • KTJoe
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    5 months ago

    Go-Go and rock bands, jammin, slammin all nite long....During protest t-shirts, and hats stands could've made a boatload of money. I don't know people just aren't that civic minded, to much airborne stuff going on (I'm tired).  Anyway protests have slowed down a curfew issued by DC mayor 7pm until 6am. 

  • Anonymous
    5 months ago

    1) Charge all 3 cops. If one of them were out of control, his teammates had the responsibility to put him in check.

    2) According to the BLM website, to defund cops. (I don't agree with it. They should actually push for Federal cop training, be part of creating the training and be part of re-creating and restructuring what the system is supposed to be like to prevent,  criminalize & bring excessively police brutality to justice. That goes for police screening, who can be out policing on the street. The current system has obviously not been working and needs to be re-made.)

    3) They are just people. Riots are a symptom of a large population of the government's citizens being ignored. 

    -Right-wing media has denied that racism is happening when it has happened, Right wing media says that there's something wrong with the people complaining about racism happening, that the people who protest are messed up, you can't kneel and express that if you are feeling injustice. Essentially, leading Fox news supporters to gaslight all those who experience racism while they do not have diversity in their close group of friends, lack the understanding that they do not have the possibility of experiencing it themselves and mainly have the news to shape their pov on the subject of racism. Making everyday people who live in predominately white communities that support white nationalism to be racially insensitive or even racist without realizing it.

    -black activists have been doing petitions, confronting the White House, involved with peaceful protests. Doing it by the books and none of it has been working. Confused & frustrated that doing everything the right way hasn't been working, what are the people suppose to do?

    -combine all that with America's history, racist anti-black propaganda, the government who basically ignores them, the continuous killing of black people by the state & citizens who racial profile, to then not be persecuted by the fullest extent of the law; Trump not denouncing the Neo-Nazi community but threaten more violence towards black people. The pressure cooker will explode by the way things are going. It's the white nationalist propaganda who has been adding to this pressure cooker that created this bomb. At this point, it's the government's job to diffuse it. 

    Alot of the arrests that have been tied to the looting are actually from out-of-staters. NYC hasn't had looting since the 90s. Many of the people arrested for looting were actually from out of state, like Texas.





    Youtube thumbnail

    Youtube thumbnail

    (scrub to 4:04 Chris Wallace ADMITS BIASM, CW from FOX got in alot trouble for admitting that MsNBC was biased Liberal Media & Fox news is their counterpart. Chris Wallace got in alot of trouble for this statement and had to issue a new statement the next day. Also, you're quoting their tagline, that's not thinking for yourself. I know plenty of kind book-smart people propagandized by FOX. I actually watched these people this past decade have their opinions of POC, namely black people shaped by FOX without having black friends of their own. I've watched people I love who are isolated in the suburbs become racist or more radicalized because of FOX, if news could do that, that is not balanced.)


    -I have plenty of friends who are of different races. None of my black friends would ever say Trump has done more for them than any President before him. That's a blatant lie. Has Trump ended systemic racism like Lincoln freed the slaves? IF Trump ends systemic racism, then I'll give him credit for it. 

    -ALSO, there's plenty of people posting from BLM on social media where they call out or isolate the violent one in the crowd. I saw videos of a 'protester' throwing water at a cop and the BLM crowd tackling him down. I've even seen videos of the BLM crowd take the one violent guy in the crowd tackled and handed to the cops. All the protests I've been to have been peaceful and it's been diverse in race.  


    -I Don't agree the Nazi's excuse that they were doing as they were told. Don't be an accessory or bystander to murder. I don't care if you are a cop. The Cops needed to have been better than the average citizen by intervening instead of watching this guy suffocate to death for 8 minutes. 

    Note* people in different countries RN are protesting with BLM like Japan. The rest of the world is aware of mistreatment and racism in BLM. United Nations said the US owes African Americans for racism terrorism. The global community is well aware of the abuse of black people in the US. All those who were with FOX on Kapernick, Trayvon Martin was a thug, saying racism doesn't happen, why do black people keep ripping off the band-aid, Santa & Jesus are white. (I watch FOX too. It's trash.) You're the minority in this and in the wrong side of history.

    BLM has officially said, the looters aren't them. The looters are the people left over after the protesters leave. They said looters aren't protesters. To be fair, I think if that's the statement BLM put out, they needed a stronger statement to say they don't condone the looting

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    Spread the coronavirus

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  • Phil M
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    5 months ago

    They certainly don't want to be taken seriously or treated with respect. Their actions warrant neither.

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