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Headphones have low volume on Pixel 3 phone compared to computer?

I'm using a headphone jack adapter to use my new ATH-M50x heaphones on my Pixel 3

The volume is really low. When I play it on my computer, which of course doesn't need a headphone jack adapter, it sounds great.

I'm using an Apple headphone jack adapter which was pretty cheap. Is the headphone jack adapter the issue here?

If I get a different adapter, can I listen to music on my Pixel with my new headphones with the same high volume and quality that I get when I use the headphones on my computer? Or is the Pixel not capable of that because it doesn't have a headphone jack?

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  • Lance
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    1 month ago

    I think so. I also have a pixel phone and the adapter I use plays even louder than when the ear buds I use are plugged into the computer...Get an adapter that advertises as being comparable with your Pixel phone also get one that advertised as Hi-Res  with an above average DAC resolution...The brand I bought was Syihlon....

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  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Your computer has its own amplifier. It takes line level signals and amplifies it to play through its speakers. Your Pixel phone has a built-in amplifier too, but it is designed to provide just enough power to drive ear buds, not a regular pair of headphones. You can either connect your pixel 3 to a receiver or amplifier in your home stereo and then your headphone to the receiver or amplifier, ro you can connect a pair of ear buds to the Pixel 3.

    • njknkjnjk1 month agoReport

      I can just get wireless ATH-M50x heaphones right?

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  • 1 month ago

     If you're not loud enough then your phone isn't providing enough power to drive the speakers for those headphones. You would need a headphone amp in between your phone and the headphones to provide that needed boost. Something like this would be small and portable enough to take with you:

    The other options would be to get a pair of headphones with less impedance or that are wireless and therefore would have their own power source.

    • njknkjnjk1 month agoReport

      Ok I didn't think of getting wireless headphones

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