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How to clean a motorcycle?

A bike.

2- What's the best motorcycle to do easyrider?

3-How are people having money to but motocycles?

4-What's the tool to change tyres of motocycles and bikes?

5-What do you think about motorcycles gangs?

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    Wash off the dirt and grease with a rag and a bucket of soapy water. Rinse with a hose, taking care to not run water into the carburetor and electrical harness. Wipe off water with dry rags. Lubricate the chain and wipe excess grease off it. Enjoy your summer riding.

    Don't join gangs unless they invite you and you like the members

    Prybars for changing tires work best.

    Earn honest wages and spend it on the vehicle you can afford, when you can legally be licensed to operate it.

    The best motorcycle for you is the one you can handle without mishap.

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    I keep a spray bottle of water with a couple of DROPS of dish soap in it and spray the bug-splattered surfaces--the front fairings, part of the tank, the fork gaiters, the headlight, turn signals and the helmet face shield--immediately after returning home in the evening, then wipe 'em dry with an old clean cotton towel. I use a separate clean towel for the face shield. (The secret to a scratch-free face shield is only using a REALLY CLEAN towel to dry it.) That's it. The bug splats come off easily after they've been sprayed and soak for a couple of minutes. The entire process takes five (5) minutes. But hey, if you really enjoy scrubbin' & rubbin' let the bug splats dry for a couple of years.

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    If u sell ur car u have the $$$

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