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What is his deal and what should I do?

This guy is way out of my league. In my major, he's like a God! He's single,older than me for 10 years (he's 40) and we used to follow eachother on instagram. Later on, I asked for his opinion about my paper and we shared numbers and talked alot. Then, I installed a dating app and we matched there. We started chatting for a week, sending musics, talking, etc. on his bd, I baked him a cake and he invited me to his house and cooked for me. We talked until sunrise and then had sex. We slept until noon, woke up, had breakfast and then I left. He wanted me to stay so bad he couldn't stop cuddling me. He texted me, we talked, and then... all of a sudden he went so cold. Then I noticed he was on dating app again (according to my friend)! I called him and asked what's wrong, and he said we're good, just like before. He's busy (he really is as I told you) and can't chat every night and he'll set a plan for our next date and he told me he had a great time two times! I didn't tell him about the dating app and never initiated contact again. he hasn't asked me on a second date, he doesn't chat with me like before, he's still on the dating app, but he's the first one to react to my instagram posts, seeing my stories the minute i post them, and he sometimes texts me with music, and compliments on my profile photos or my talents, etc.

I don't get his mixed signals.

Should I let it go? Did he play me? Is he interested? Is he pulling away? Don't know! 

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  • Brian
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    4 months ago

    It sounds as if he got what he wanted from you and he's pretty much done. I'd move on because it sounds as if he's already moving on by being on that hook up app.

  • 4 months ago

    if I were u I would ask him out  ONCE and if he refuses or continues stupid games  then delete him and block him. life is too short to waste on sitting and wondering - if a guy is interested he will ask u out. if he doesn't - he is either a useless sissy not worth of pursuing or he is not interested. either way - delete and forget and move onto next one

  • 4 months ago

    Your first phrase sums it up.  He's out of your league?  Doesn't sound like it at all now does it.  Hardly godlike behaviour.  You met him online and thought he was a god and ended up having sex on the first date.  Lucky old him.  Now he's still got his roving eye out for another nice girl who'll give out on the first date while keeping you on the back burner in case he fancies another bit of nookie.  You need to get yourself a bit more self-esteem and stop gazing at older men who you don't know thinking they are better than you and therefore deserving of whatever they want.  He probably likes you and you obviously get on well together.....but he's only a bloke.  He's not a god in any way, shape or form even if he's great looking.  He's NOT better than you.  He's just different from you.  If you like him, carry on - but I doubt whether he's in this 'relationship' looking for a long-term partner (which I suspect you are).  He's got a nice life so why should he change it for anyone?  If you want something more - then look elsewhere and don't sleep with strangers.  It doesn't tie them to you forever.

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