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I think he got jealous and ghosted me?

For the past 4 weeks I have been going on dates with a guy I met in a grocery store in March. At first i was a little skeptical because he’s a tad bit older but not by much.

On our first date we met up at Dairy Queen. We talked for three hours , he did majority of the talking. He asked me out for a second date a few days later and the second date he cooked and made cookies for us at his house we cuddled and watched movies. We had a 3rd date and we ended up having sex. Ever since the third date he’s been acting weird. When i come over he will ask me “why didn’t you give me a hug when you came in?”“Why don’t you bring a second pair of clothes over so you can spend the night?”“Can you come get comfortable with me?”“Do you want me to do this or that?”“Can you come over?” And if i say “I’m busy today he’ll ask can he come pick me up if I’m tired“Do you miss me?”It’s like he asks me questions non stop The other day when i came over he was on the game playing COD with his friends and he asked me “do you want me to get off that game?”And i said “no” I’m fine you can finish playingWe were laying in bed last night and he asked me “what did you do today?”And i said “i went downtown”and he said “who’s downtown? Your boo”? I looked at him and said “no” and he said “i mean if you do have others your talking to that’s fine”

Now Wednesday i texted him that morning and he hasn’t said a word to me or responded

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    I find it hard to believe you're not trolling. First- in most places, you weren't supposed to be running around and meeting up with people. But assuming your story is true, you don't really know this guy very well. The purpose of dating is to get to know each other gradually, to decide whether you want to spend more time together, and eventually, to decide if you want to be exclusive. Jumping into sex before you really know someone is dangerous. This guy sounds more like he wants sex and a girlfriend than like he's really mad about you. 

    • megan1 month agoReport

      Your last sentence makes no sense can you explain

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  • Brian
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    1 month ago

    He's playing head games with you. Set him straight or get out of the relationship with him.

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  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Stop being so obsessed!!

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