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Why would he even talk to me in the first place.?

So I was talking with a guy and he seemed really sweet and I liked him alot. So I decided to spend the night over his place, it was going good. 

We were cuddling and watched 2 movies and that’s when he made the first move. He went down on me for a while then we ended up having sex for literally one minute because he had ejaculated already. 

I was like it’s okay and he kept saying “I feel like an asshole” “all I was thinking about was her when we were having sex”, then he said “I’m sorry I have to leave, so what are you going to do, are you staying or leaving that was her just calling, it was me who was the jerk in the relationship... blah blah blah. 

He basically left offered to walk me to the car, but I ended up leaving at midnight.

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    He wanted a bit of the other......and he got it.  He seemed really sweet so you had sex with him and then he told you he was thinking about his ex all the time and gave you the 'poor me I'm such a jerk' routine.  Basically dear, it's your own fault that you are used and abused.....all because he 'seemed' sweet.  Lucky he wasn't an axe murderer in 'sweet' clothing.  He did walk you to the car though so I suppose that's a plus.

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